Quick Eats: Shredded Chicken, Shredded Roots & Kale

I like to try to have at least one or two proteins cooked for the week Sunday night or Monday night so I can use them either for snacks on the go or fast dinners. This week I cooked up … Continue reading

Shredded Veggies & Chicken

Quick dinner coming at-ya! I’m a big fan of shredding a handful of vegetables for the week so they are on hand for throwing together in my breakfast/lunch or dinner. I also try to grill or bake a few breasts … Continue reading

Roasted Roots = Mashed Amazingness

I used to lovvvve mashed potatoes. Over the past few years they have lost their appeal as my taste buds have changed. I have started experimenting with a variety of vegetables and this one is quick, tasty and easy to … Continue reading