Quick Eats: Shredded Chicken, Shredded Roots & Kale

I like to try to have at least one or two proteins cooked for the week Sunday night or Monday night so I can use them either for snacks on the go or fast dinners. This week I cooked up … Continue reading

Shredded Veggies & Chicken

Quick dinner coming at-ya! I’m a big fan of shredding a handful of vegetables for the week so they are on hand for throwing together in my breakfast/lunch or dinner. I also try to grill or bake a few breasts … Continue reading

Breakfast Scramble: spinach, asparagus, onion & eggs

I’ve mentioned it before but breakfast is my favorite meal. It is so easy and relatively quick to make a healthy breakfast. For people who feel crunched for time, I promise you waking up an extra 10-15 minutes will be … Continue reading

Kale-Cabbage-Brussels Sprouts Salad

I’m obsessed with this salad right now. To the point that I will make it in a giant bowl, and stand over it and eat it. This particular mix called Cruciferous Crunch collection I found at Trader Joe’s which is … Continue reading

Orange Cranberry Sauce

I never enjoyed cranberry sauce until I was in college. And at that point, I only really liked it with cream cheese, a ton of turkey and between some toasted bread. Now days, understanding the sugar content in pre made … Continue reading

Zucchini Pancake

As I have mentioned, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love having egg scrambles with veggies, sausage or bacon & eggs or sometimes mix it up with a sweet potato hash with meat after a big workout. … Continue reading