Collard Greens Made Easy

Collard Greens is an easy and quick side dish to any meal. Adding different seasonings will be helpful to make it the creation that you want to be a tasty dish for you and your family. Here’s what I used: … Continue reading

10-Day Craving Detox – Let’s Kick The Habit!

Do you crave a mocha mid-afternoon? Do you enjoy the salty crunch or a potato chip? Do you have daydreams of hot freshly baked cookies immediately following your lunch? You aren’t alone. It’s time to put a stop to that tricky food monster and take control of your goal.

I have designed a 10-Day Detox that will help you pin-point the root of your craving and support you to overcome that habit that has been created. You will be given tools to help you understand your personal behaviors, patterns, body needs and wants to support your individual amazing you. A few of the supporting tools will include but are not limited to; recipes, worksheets, articles and motivational emails.

Getting to the root of you challenge will begin the journey of changing the behavior. For a lot of us our cravings are coming from a place other than actually wanting some sort of “food.” Once we identify what is going on, we can recognize the pattern in which it happens in our life and adjust our action. Putting focus and intention into this 10-Day Craving Detox you will  walk away with a better understanding of yourself and be able to make a conscious decision to fill your self in another way besides with food. Some people experience roots from their actions connected to; emotions, habits, lack of sleep, low energy, sugar or salt addiction, imbalance in nutrients, lack of movement, stress.

Why wait for another excuse to put off feeling your best? Let’s kick that habit!
Email for additional program details or to register for your 10-day detox.


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Rainbow Chard Made Easy

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Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Lovers

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