Save Money, While Eating Healthy‎

We are all busy and would rather spend time with our friends and family than chose to shop, clean, plan, organize, cook for the week. However, utilizing just one of these ideas can help save you time and money to … Continue reading

Teach Children About Good Food

Ted Talk – Jamie Oliver, Teach Children About Good Food

I’m inspired by the work that Jamie Oliver sets out to do – teaching our youth about good food. As a society I think it is important to come together to strengthen our culture to understand that healthy food is not in pre-packaged food even though it may be falsely labeled as, “heart healthy,” “full of nutrients,” and so on. We need to stop feeding our children sugary drinks, sweet “fruit” roll ups and start feeding them real, whole foods. Please take a few minutes and be inspired by watching this TED talk by Jaime Oliver. We need to join together and celebrate the health in our future leaders.


Tapping to Release Energy Blocks

I recently came across an interesting method to release energy blocks from stagnate emotions that can help with remove pain, ease tension, release anxieties and much more.  The technique as called EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. To use EFT there … Continue reading