Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Lovers

Love yourself. It is a quality that not too many of us are good at doing. I often times find myself asking my clients if they had a friend that talked to them the way they talk to themselves, would … Continue reading

A Grateful Heart is a Full Heart


Practicing being grateful is a beautiful technique that allows you to see the world a little shinier. I try to always remember to tell people thank you or let people know how much I appreciate them either verbally, through a quick email or a hand written note. I think it not only is important for the person to hear or read that they are valued but it is a healthy heart exercise to keep us in the present moment and value what is now.

Another exercise I find to be powerful is writing a list of everything I’m grateful for every Friday morning. I have an alarm set to remind myself and I type out a list  of everything I’m thankful for that week and in the present moment. I love looking back and seeing my lists side by side to see how things keep getting better and better!

There are some really cool apps if you are into keeping track on your phone, you can download one that keeps track of the moments you are grateful for. This could be an easy way to get in the habit of documenting the small things in life that are blessings. You could check out – Gratitude Journal 365 or thankful which are both apps that track your gratitude.

Having a grateful heart and mind keeps you moving forward in a positive direction. Have you every been in a bummer of mood or something was weighing heavy on you and as soon as you noticed something positive or something that you really appreciated, your mental attitude shifted? It is possible to reteach our brains to think like this more often, how cool would it be to have it be your natural mind-set? So awesome! For example, driving to meet a friend for lunch and I hit every red light on the way, my old way of thinking would be, “Ugh, why am I hitting every red light, this is so annoying! I just want to be there already, I’m so aggravated,” when I now am able to enjoy whatever song is on the radio or whatever podcast is I’m listening to as I hit each light, I can also appreciate that perhaps I’m hitting each light because there is a perfect parking spot waiting for me when I get there. It may seem silly at first but after you practice being in the moment and being thankful for whatever it is that is going on, it is less frustrating or emotionally taxing.

I encourage you to practice daily gratitude whether you find it through journal writing, keeping a list in your phone or making an effort to let people know you are thankful once a day. Go forward and be great, celebrate today!

Living in the Now

When was the last time you were having a conversation not thinking about what you need to add to your to-do list, pick up at the grocery store for dinner or check your phone in the middle of someone talking to you? Being present is difficult but it can be very rewarding when one practices being focused on the “now.” 

There are people in life that I love talking to, they make me feel like life has lit on fire and I’m charged with focus and happiness for the remainder of the day. What do these people have in common? Excellent listening skills and being attentive to our time together. I value and appreciate people who have this ability and make the effort to share their time with me. Have you ever noticed how distracting it is when someone starts texting or email back in the middle of what you are having a conversation about? Chances are they don’t realize what they are doing and the lack of respect for your time doesn’t cross their mind because it has become quite the norm in our society. Everything is urgent and must be tended to, immediately. I’m sorry to say but it’s not. The urgent moment is the NOW. You will not get that moment back with the person you are sharing time with, take advantage of loving and giving towards the conversation you chose to have. 

This is my challenge to you, this week make an effort to listen full-heartedly to the person you are talking with. It could be your mother on the phone, the cashier at the grocery store, you child – whomever it is, practice listening with the intention of loving that moment and being grateful for this moment in time that you share together. Then reflect to see if you feel any differently, my hope is that you would feel a greater sense of connection and chances are you made the other person feel good about themselves because all you cared about in that moment was them. 

Celebrate Now.