Taco Bowl

I’m into having food available in the fridge ahead of time for the week. Mondays tend to be my food prep days and I try to do meal planning for dinners early in the month, for the whole month. Dinners tend to be my “ugh, what to make for dinner tonight” attitude.

This week I had the following prepped for my lunch bowl:
Ground turkey seasoned with taco meat

Mix together and add a little hot sauce and chow down. Quick, easy and fulfilling to fuel my body for the afternoon!

Prepping my rice for the week:
I use 1 cup jasmine rice and 1 cup of chicken broth with a dash of extra water
Pressure cooker on rice, high-pressure
Slow release to finish. This is my favorite way and turns out perfect every time for me!

Prepping chicken for the week:
450 pre-heat the oven
Use a baking sheet covered in foil
Season both sides of the chicken breast
Bake for 12 minutes a side
–I tend to use onion powder/sea salt/a dash of garlic if I don’t have a specific craving or plan for the week for seasoning. But taco seasoning/cajun/bbq/chicken etc all work great!




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