Baby Food

My little babe just turned 6 months! The food game is on! She is a great little eater and so far we have covered the following foods…
Sweet potatoes
Butternut squash

I like to make my own baby food and find that it saves me money and it is so convenient having food in the freezer ready to go or thaw out immediately. I like to do food prep at the beginning of the week so I’m ready for the week. Using my food processor tends to be my go-to choice over my blender because I feel like I can control the consistency of the food a little better and I can clean it out/get the most of my food out easier.

A few easy to dos on baby food:
Sweet potatoes:
Bake sweet potatoes at 400 degrees for about 45-50 minutes or until looking gooey
Scrape them out and put in the food processor add water until your consistency is smooth
Freeze in squares/ice tray for storage into a freezer bag

Wash and cut ends off of zucchini. Steam for about 4 minutes in a pan of water. Blend in the food processor and freeze into squares/ice tray for storage into a freezer bag.

Butternut Squash:
Bake in oven after cutting and taking seeds out in a pan of 1/2 inch of water at 450 for 35-40 minutes. Scrape out and put into food processor, add water until the consistency is smooth.

Peel and cut carrots into chunks. Steam carrots until they are soft to poke a fork through them easily. Dump into a blender on high speed (I think this gets creamier than my food processor) and add water for a smooth consistency.

Peel ripe bananas and use a blender or food processor. Both will get pretty smooth and whipped like. Pour and freeze.

I steamed my pears to get them even softer. Placed into the food processor and let them do their magic. Pour and freeze.

These seem to take more water than I ever remember to get smooth and not super thick for the babe to be able to swallow it without gagging. Mixing them up really smooth is key so there aren’t any chunks, and making sure to use a rubber scraper often while mixing is important.


baby-foodI don’t do too many mixed food combos when I’m making my baby food only because I will pull out multiple squares and let them melt together, thus making their own blend of foods. This works out well for me and then she gets a great combo of different fruits and vegetables each day.


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