Getting My Work Outs In

Lately I’ve been working out at home a lot due to the irregularity of my schedule with my sweet babe. I keep debating the pros and cons of trying to really put her on a schedule or not but since I haven’t done anything about that I just go with the flow of my little lady boss.

Here’s a few samples of workouts that I’ve been mixing up in my garage-gym to keep my blood moving and muscles building. Each workout starts with a 10 minute warm up and added hip openers and chest openers and at least a 10 minute cool-down/mobility/stretch

Workout 1:
Focus – Arms
Shoulder press 4 x 8-10
Push press 3 x 5
Single upright row 3 x 12
25 Ice skaters between each full round of sets
Lower transverse ab work & plank holds
Glute building: bridges 3 sets of 20

Workout 2:
Focus – Legs
Air squats 5 x 15 speed
Front squats 1 x 10, 1 x 8, 1 x 6, 1 x 4 going up in weight
Weighted lunges 3 x 12 each leg
Jump squats 3 x 10
Glute building: Bridges, clam shells, leg lifts, isolated flute squeeze 3 sets of 15 each
Burpees mixed in to keep heart rate pumping 3-5 sets x 5-10 reps

Workout 3:
Focus – Full body
Ground to overhead with a weight 4 x 15 with a 10-25lb weight
KB swings 4 x 20 with a 26lb/35lb KB
Single arm KB snatch 3 x 10 each side with a 26lb KB or 30 lb db
Jumping pull ups 3 x 8-10
Box step ups 3 x 10 each leg, tall box

Workout 4:
Focus – Body weight
Push ups 5 x 10
Air squats 5 x 10
Walking lunges 4 x 10 each leg
Jumping squats 4 x 10
Crab walks
Bear crawls
Mountain climbers 5 x 10


I also try to get in walks when the weather cooperates, and when I can sneak into the gym I like to row a 2000 meter or hop on the air dyne bike to work on some cardio/stamina as I feel like that has decreased. I’m planning to create a more focused plan where I will say for example, Monday is arms, Tuesday is legs, Wednesday is yoga/mobility/walk, Thursday is full body, Friday is arms and Saturday is legs, Sunday is yoga/mobility/walk. I feel like this could be doable, however everything is still a juggling act with my little lady’s schedule and trying to get it in. When she naps is my most optimal time to work out (and do anything else productive so it’s often a battle of what to choose to do) but I am focused on building strength and feeling good. So working out is a priority of mine.

I have strength goals as well as overall just feeling good goals. Exercise is a love and passion of mine and makes me feel good. I love being able to move my body. I have a chronic hip issue and my shoulder often times gets a little cranky so I have to really focus to warm up and open both of those areas up really well before I dive into working out which seems to help.

Balancing a challenge for me but I’m trying and that is all I can do is try. I haven’t cracked the code on juggling everything, and doing it well. As long as I remind myself that it is okay, then I’m okay with that. : )


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