Prioritizing to Eat Well

I try to eat well for myself knowing that when I do, I have the most energy and feel my best. It’s not fair to my family if I choose to eat poorly and then allow my bad food choices to affect my mood and energy, in turn affecting my family. I also know that by eating clean and well that I am doing my best to serve my family. I recently had my first baby I she relies on me for her food, everyday.

Here are my 6 tips to help you eat clean to support your own energy and keep you feeling your best

1. Plan ahead. Make a meal plan for the week.
If making a full meal plan for the week is too much right now, choose your most challenging meals and plan those out

2. Prepare at least 3 snack items ahead of time.
Even if you aren’t big on snacks, there may come a time when you are starving and it will get you by until you make your meal

3. If it’s not in the house, you won’t eat it.
Make an effort to stick to your grocery list and not give into sweet or salt/crunchy temptations

4. Make yourself a priority.
This may not be easy at first, but practice one thing each day to put yourself first, in time you will start to value yourself a little more and make better food choices. It will become easier, I promise.

5. Crowd out the unhealthy.
Instead of thinking about what you are limiting yourself from, think of what can you choose to eat in place of said food. For example, instead of reaching for a scoop of ice cream try a handful of frozen berries instead.

6. Try new recipes.
This keeps things new and fresh. If you aren’t big into making recipes, aim for a new vegetable each week and start there.

You can do this! Your health is important and you are important. What are your tips for sticking to eating healthy and keeping your energy up?


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