Taco Salad

During my pregnancy I have been quite particular regarding my choice of Mexican food. Usually it is a go-to favorite flavor of mine but not so much over the past nine months. The other day it sounded good which I was excited about but I knew I would have to control the flavor because last time I tried to eat it during pregnancy it didn’t go so well.

Here’s what you will need:
Lettuce – I like romaine or a combo of romaine and spinach
Green onions
White cheddar cheese (if you are eating dairy)
Ground turkey/beef (I cooked ours with cumin, dried onions, sea salt, red pepper, dash of dried garlic powder)
Salsa or hot sauce for dressing

Essentially the only real prep work is to cook up your ground turkey or beef. After that shred your cheese, ideally not buying cheese that is already shredded because they add so many preservatives to keep it from clumping, not worth it.
Chop up your greens & green onions
Dice up those tomatoes
Add olives & salsa and eat up!

Other great additions:
Organic corn
Diced zucchini
Yellow or purple onion


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