Shredded Veggie Saute

I had planned on making taco salads for dinner but while I was driving home I realized that the “lettuce” that I was picturing in my drawer was actually a head of cabbage and I didn’t really have any lettuce. I debated about making a spinach/kale taco salad but it wasn’t sounding as tasty so plan b came in to play.

Shredding your vegetables is such an easy and quick way to change-up your meals. Not to mention adding a few different seasonings can turn them into any kind of flavor you like.

What you’ll need – (I’d recommend at least two veggies)
1 Zucchini
2 Carrots
Half Cauliflower head
Butter (or your choice of oil – olive oil/lard/bacon fat)
Seasonings – these are what I used
-Sea salt
-Dried onions
-Dash of garlic powder

Use your food processor to shred up your vegetables.
Melt your fat in your pan on a medium to low heat
Add in vegetables and let them cook for about 10-15 minutes
Add in seasonings after about 5 minutes into the cooking process and stir occasionally
I like mine a little crispy so I let them cook until I notice they are just barely starting to brown

Other vegetables that you may enjoy that I have tested are:
Broccoli (great for an Asian type stir fry)
Peppers (especially if you are taking a Mexican themed dinner)



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