Quick Meal: Chicken & Steamed Broccoli

Ever have one of those nights that you just don’t want to spend too much time cooking or preparing dinner but you want to make a healthy choice? Although it could seem like a boring meal, utilizing seasonings and fats make such a difference towards making food taste great.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Chicken Breasts
Seasonings (I like a mixture of sea salt, red pepper, cajun spice and onion powder)
Head of broccoli
Butter (or another fat: bacon, lard, olive oil)

If you have a bbq and use it, warm that baby up and get it ready for the chicken if not, you can either bake your chicken or pan fry it. Baking it: 450, for 20 minutes
Season your chicken, place in a baking dish lined with some fat

Prep your broccoli while the chicken is cooking, wash, and chop it up.
With about 10 minutes to go throw that broccoli on to the stove with some fat and let it cook for about 7-9 minutes adding in sea salt and pepper on a medium heat. I like to also add in garlic and some onion powder too.

chicken and broccoli


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