Sunshine Safety

There are a lot of accessories, tools, potions & lotions out there to help protect us from the sun. We DO need our vitamin D but we DO NOT want to get burned, peel and have to recover from that nasty process. Below are a list of accessories and tools to consider investing in to stay safe in the sun this summer.

Sunscreen – there are a lot of opinions about sunscreen out there. Do what is best for you and your family. Just like anything else you put into your body, think about the ingredient list on the sunscreen. There are quality sunscreens out there that don’t have as many harmful ingredients that will be soaking into your skin if you are willing to do the research. Ingredients like retinal palmitate and oxybenzon (I mean, can you even pronounce that?!?) these are harmful ingredients that can cause individuals to have allergic reactions, as well as shifts in hormones as well as speed up tumors. Garbage! Who wants that on their skin and soaking in their body?

There are also a lot of great recipes out there to make your own sunscreen! Save a little peace of mind knowing what exactly is in your sunscreen if you have the time to make up a batch. If you haven’t already heard of or looked on The Environmental Working Group website, they are a great resource to check the toxicity level of your current sunscreen as well as tips for 2014 sunscreen recommendations.

Accessories to invest in:
Hat – sun visor, baseball cap, full shaded hat, wide-brimmed hats or even a scarf or bandana

Quality sunglasses – maybe you think you’ll always loose them or break them, but your eyes are pretty special and they are worth an investment to be able to see for a long period of time if possible. Look at it as an investment in your bright future.

A light-weight breathable swim shirt – some stores call them a rash guard or board-shirts, they are great for being in the water but keeping cool at the same time and covered. Here are two examples for Men and Women.

Window-shield – if you have any long trips planned or know you might be in the car for a while and your loved ones are in the back seat, looking into a sun-shield will be useful to help keep the kids cool. There are a lot on the market but here is an example of one.

Stay hydrated – if you only have one water bottle, get a few more. Get one or two that you can put ice cubes in the spout so the water stays cooler  for a longer period of time. Or you can think about investing in one of those hydro-thermo insulated water bottles.




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