Trader Joe’s Plantain Chips Review

I don’t really miss chips all to often however, I have been slightly obsessed with the crunchiness of plantain chips. SO GOOD. A lot of times they will be made with canola oil which I’m highly against and try to avoid at all costs. These chips are made with sunflower oil, which is high in Omega 6 (and can be inflammatory when too much Omega 6 has been consumed). So I don’t recommend cooking with it or using it as a substitute for coconut oil, olive oil or butter but I feel okay about eating it on an occasional basis. Additionally, plantains (although a fruit) are high in sugar so, similar to bananas you don’t really want to eat these every day due to the sugar content. But for the occasional picnic or perhaps to satisfy a crunchy desire, they are pretty great.

These chips have three ingredients: plantains, sunflower oil and sea salt.

I give them a thumbs up for an occasional purchase but not to be confused with a “let’s eat them everyday, health food” kind of a thing. Have you tried them? What do you think?

Plantain chips2 Plantain Chips


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