Summertime Activities

Summer is not the time to get bored or sluggish. The warm weather is hopefully helping you get outside and enjoy earth’s beautiful surroundings! Besides getting out on a walk or playing in the yard here are a few fun activities that might be going on in or around your neighborhood this summer. Although some of these activities may not pertain to you if you are not in the local Portland or surrounding areas, you can do some google searching and see if you might have similar programming in your area.  If you are in the local Portland, Oregon area you may benefit from this list.

Outdoor movies
-Parks –
-Flicks on the Bricks –

Outdoor concerts
-Ecotrust building downtown:
-Pioneer Square:

Concerts in the Zoo

-Past, plan for next year:
Rose Festival, June:
Festival of Balloons, June:
Blues Festival, July:

Trail Runs/Road Races/Adventure Races

Farmer’s Markets

Berry picking

Farm festivals
-Hood River Fruit Loop, July:
-Berry Festival, July:

Last Thursday Art Show

First Thursday Art Show

Wine tasting
Willamette Valley –
Hood River –

Portland Rose Gardens: go on a walk, picnic or take some pictures

Zoo – second Tuesday of the month is discounted admission

OMSI – first Sunday of the month is discounted admission

Portland Children’s Museum – first Friday night of the month is discounted admission

Saturday Market (also held on Sundays) –

Rodeos –

Food carts –

Road Races –

Geocaching – (self guided treasure hunting)
Info about it:

Other ideas to get moving:
Put together a kickball game
Plan a hike
Explore a park
Go to your local swimming pool
Ask a friend to meet for a walk instead of happy hour
Plant a garden

Other resources to check current events:


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