Honey Mama’s – Nectar Fudge

www.celebrateeverydaywellness.comDo you ever debate about trying new products and then say okay, I’ll go for it even though it’s a little more than you would normally pay for something. I get in the mood to test out new local items but try to be strategic about my purchases, in my latest trial, I feel like I hit the jackpot! Delicious.

I have a sweet tooth, but mostly for chocolate. I used to love my mom’s fudge around the holidays but over time my taste buds have changed and it is too sweet for me now. I recently ran across this local (Oregon made) fudge and it is amazing. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty and it is just rich enough that after a small bite or two you feel satisfied. I could buy stock in this one. The ingredients are clean and made with whole foods, which I appreciate and so does my digestive system. They even care about your body as they explain in their description regarding keeping our body alkaline.

If you are in the area check out the Honey Mama’s website to see where you can pick yourself up a little tasty treat.

Enjoy and be well!



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