Roasted Roots = Mashed Amazingness

I used to lovvvve mashed potatoes. Over the past few years they have lost their appeal as my taste buds have changed. I have started experimenting with a variety of vegetables and this one is quick, tasty and easy to throw together for a side dish for a meal. Not to mention that turnips & parsnips provide a great source of vitamin C, magnesium and B-6. Sweet potatoes will supply you with your vitamin A for the day and onions and garlic help protect against inflammation. Why wouldn’t you want this power-pack to be a go to side dish?

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 turnip
1 parsnip
1 sweet potato
1/2 onion
4 garlic cloves
Olive oil
Sea salt
Onion powderCooked Roasted Roots -

Preheat the oven to 375. Rinse, chop your vegetables to similar size pieces. Peel the garlic and cut into chunks. I didn’t peel my vegetables, just roasted with the outer layer on (except the onion & garlic). Drizzle on olive oil over vegetables, sprinkle sea salt & onion (I didn’t measure but my guess is between 1-2 tsp), mix everything in a glass pan with your hands to make sure oil and seasonings are well saturated on all vegetables.

Cook for 45 minutes or until tender. Remove from oven, use a food processor/blender/mixer and puree mixture until desired consistency. Eat up!


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