Priority #1 – YOU

It is so easy to get wrapped up in life and let things start to consume you. Little things become big things and add up and next thing you know, it doesn’t feel like you have any time for the items on your “to do” list let alone get in that workout you wanted to. I’m here to tell you this will not change unless you make some major shifts in your priority line up. YOU have to be #1 and YOU Have to hold yourself accountable to that.

It is a challenge and there is always time to make plenty of excuses and reasons why you can’t do something for you or why something should be put in front of your needs – quick flash – unless you make yourself important all the other things that need to be handled won’t be done with as much efficiency or ease because you won’t be at the your top game.

Let’s take a look a the things we put off for ourselves but probably would do or set up in an instant for the ones we love:
1. Exercise
2. Sleep
3. Eating well
4. Resting & relaxing
5. Mediating, journal or reading
6. Healing & repair (massage, yoga, chiropractor, acupuncture)
7. Being Kind, Loving and Gentle with ourselves

Do any of those relate to you or what you tend to put on the back burner? I know for me, I always think the laundry needs to be done in order for me to fully relax or that in order for me to feel like I “deserve” play time I need to get items A through Z done on my to do list. I can come up with a thousand “reasons” why the things on my to do list seem like they are important but in hard reality, when I start to avoid putting myself first, it backfires. It may not be immediately but in time it catches up with me.  I need that 15 minutes to sit and read to just connect with myself. My husband will remind me that I don’t do a great job of putting myself first or relaxing so the stubborn Scorpio in my needs to relax and let my to do list take a back seat.

I encourage you to do one thing a day to put yourself first. Start with just 5 minutes a day then slowly increase the time to reach 15, 30 and even an hour of just doing something you need to do for you! Celebrate YOU!


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