New Year’s Success: Tackle That Goal

Every year people set New Year’s Resolutions, how many people complete and stick to these goals? Here’s a quick guide to help you when setting yourself up for success with 2014 around the corner. Let’s make it the year we make positive behavior changes and stick to our goals once and for all!

1. Write it down & post it somewhere you see everyday. This will keep it on the front of your mind and help you to make choices towards that goal.

2. Get specific. Make mini steps & deadlines towards that goal. If your goal is to clean out your garage, set a date to have it completed by. If the garage is a bit overwhelming, choose a few dates to break it down into quadrants and work towards that deadline. If your goal is to lose body fat, tell people (co-workers, friends, family) so they can help support your actions. Make a plan for your meals for the week and do your shopping ahead of time.

3. Make the change gradual. Give yourself time. We all have less than ideal behaviors and habits. It takes 21 days to break a habit, so do something everyday that will help ensure that you are working towards creating that healthy new beaver or change. For example, if you are trying to start exercising, give yourself a goal of walking each day after work for 15-20 minutes. As that starts to become easier start adding more to it, walk 15-20 minutes and do squats, lunges, push ups and sit ups in  your living room after you are done with your walk, 2x/week. And so on. Keep building on top of your building blocks.

4. Visualize your end result. Think about what it would look like, feel like, be like with your goal accomplished. How does that make you carry yourself? How does that make you live day-to-day? Keep these positive thoughts going in your head while you work towards your goal. Before you know it, you’ll be looking back, thinking, “I don’t even know how I lived like I did without doing xyz.”

5. Celebrate your successes. Make mile markers along the way to keep you motivated. If you are aiming to eat more vegetables everyday, reward yourself with a nice new pan after so many days. If you are aiming to floss your teeth more regularly, buy yourself some awesome lipstick after so many days. If you are planning to workout more often, buy yourself a great new pair of work out shorts. Try to get away from rewarding yourself with food, this often times creates less than desirable effects on our overall end goal.

KNOW you can do it. You are capable, strong, and awesome! Start today, don’t keep making excuses, you live TODAY! I’m here if you are interested in talking more specifically about your goals and would be honored to help you achieve your health and wellness goals for 2014!



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