Save Money, While Eating Healthy‎

Save money, Eat Healthy We are all busy and would rather spend time with our friends and family than chose to shop, clean, plan, organize, cook for the week. However, utilizing just one of these ideas can help save you time and money to spend with the ones you love!

Join a CSA, do a Google search for CSA and your city, or contact me and I’m happy to help find you one. I’m positive you’ll find one near by or not too far away. This will save you money and almost create a weekly “challenge” for you to prepare foods that are out of your usual comfort zone. You will sign up for a CSA to receive vegetables and fruits weekly or bi-weekly depending on what you are paying for. You will then get foods that are in season, beautiful, and full of amazing nutrients. This website has amazing recipes for you to search by vegetable to find something delicious to do with your new vegetable.

Purchase whole chickens. You can utilize the chicken breast for a dinner either alone or as a stir fry, use the wings and legs and serve them with hot sauce, after you complete your meal, I suggest using the leftovers to make chicken broth. There are SO many amazing benefits from homemade chicken broth. You can freeze it if you do not need it immediately. It gives you vitamins, nutrients, healthy fats, and amazing flavor for soups, background cooking or a health remedy. It is great for the upcoming “sick season” or for overall digestive health as well as feeds your skin, nails and hair nutrients to look beautiful.

Purchase a whole cow or pig. If you can plan ahead and have the room, purchasing a whole (or half or quarter) cow and pig are a great way to save money & create convenience for yourself. You choose which cuts you like and you get to know exactly how the animal was raised and fed. This creates a quality protein product for you and your loving family. You can often times go in on this with someone else if you don’t have the resources for a whole animal. Contact me if you need help finding a local farmer who sells this.

Buy in-season fruits and vegetables.  Shop your local farmer’s market. Use this list to know what is in season and what to purchase next season. This helps not only your pocket-book but also the environment and your local business community. Support local farmers through purchasing local and in season. This will save costs from the trucks having to transport the fruits/vegetables from traveling from other countries, being preserved to stay “sellable” when they arrive to your local grocery store.

Plan ahead, meal plan for the week.  Look at your calendar and your commitments for the week. Take responsibility for the fact that you live a busy life and you have things to do but DO NOT make it an excuse not to eat nutritionally poor during the week, you can be busy and eat well too! You are worth it! Set yourself up for success by planning ahead. Whenever you or you and your partner have a 3 hours, work together and prepare your vegetables and meal plan for the week. Make a grocery list, grocery shop and stick to the list (saves money and time) and then get home and wash, cut & container your vegetables so they are ready for the week. This is very helpful to help you and your family for saving time and stress during the week. Peel and chop up your vegetables – sweet potatoes, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, squash etc. Make it fun, turn on some music or a favorite movie you love (so you don’t have to pay attention only repeat the lines & laugh out loud) or enjoy a nice glass of wine. Create a fun environment for a weekly task.

Utilize your crockpot & Dutch oven & BBQ. Yes. All year long. This will save you time and more time. Get over the idea of needing breakfast and snacks to be cereal, pancakes and cheese & crackers or fruit snacks. Utilizing your crockpot, Dutch oven and BBQ will help you and your family increase your protein intake and support your nutrition goals for the week.
-Crockpot; make stews, chili’s, roasts, veggie & meat dishes and egg dishes in your crockpot on Sunday so it’s ready for you on Monday with leftovers for your Tuesday and Wednesday lunches. Or enough leftover to freeze so when you have busy nights and your family need to fend for themselves they can pull out a meal from the freezer and defrost & recook it.
-BBQ; grill your chicken, steak, pork, burgers in addition to what you plan to eat that night. Leftovers can be tasty even when they are eaten cold the next day. After you cook it up, let it cool and slice it up and package it into small baggies or reusable containers so you are ready to go and grab it the next day or day after. This is useful for lunches, snacks or even for preparing dinners the next day.
-Dutch ovens; these are great for low cooking while you are home to check on it occasionally. These are great for one-pot meals as well as soups and stews.

What are your favorite tips and tricks to eat healthy all week-long and to save money?

For more tips like these, contact me for your free one on one 50-minute health consultation:


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