Tapping to Release Energy Blocks

I recently came across an interesting method to release energy blocks from stagnate emotions that can help with remove pain, ease tension, release anxieties and much more.  The tapping-meridian-points-happiness-information.com-10Etechnique as called EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. To use EFT there is a tapping technique that you use while you say little positive and forgiving mantras to yourself. There are nine specific places to tap which are all along the same meridians that acupuncture is used on.

After having an ongoing issue with my hip and some low back pain I have tried multiple methods of healing. Everything from chiropractic care, massage, myofascial release, yoga, mobility and so on. All of the healing methods that I have used seem to compliment one another and although my hip issue is not resolved, it is slowly improving. I wanted to test out the EFT method as well, knowing that the potential to clear any energy blocks could be beneficial.  I know you may be questioning why I would want to try to heal my hip by releasing emotions from my body but emotional health is vital to our our overall wellbeing and living our most vibrant life. When I’m unbalanced my eating patterns shift, my sleep becomes irregular among, my digestive gets off track. However, when I’m feeling emotionally strong and balanced my health falls into place, things seem to work just the way they are supposed to and I’m ready to fly.

When I first tried the EFT, I followed a video to make sure I did it correctly. I tapped away and did my positive affirmations and finished with some yoga breathing. I sort of shrugged my shoulders thinking to myself, “okay, well I tried it, guess I’ll go back to my day.” About ten minutes passed and I was folding laundry and I noticed my low back and hip had no pain or tightness. It was the most bizarre thing but I was happy to not have pain for the time being. Another ten minutes pass and I got this overwhelming sense of emotion that ran through my body and I start crying. Nothing triggered me, I was having a perfectly happy, normal day but I could not stop myself from releasing these tears. Again, very strange but once I was done I felt great and free. I have since performed the EFT on myself multiple times and feel better once it is complete. I have not had too many more big emotional releases like my first and second time doing it but thought it was pretty powerful to have had that experience. I often time do the EFT while I’m in the shower, something about the warm water surrounding me and being able to do deep breathing helps bring inner-peace. I encourage you to give it a try a couple of times and notice how you feel afterwards.

This video is a great example of how EFT works. It demonstrates the positive affirmations that you can use while tapping your energy meridians. Good luck and happy healing because today is reason to celebrate.


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